June 29, 2011

STUDIO: A Place for Tomatoes

If you want something done, ask a busy person. —Lucille Ball

While I stencil fabrics and sew pillows in my oh-so-luxurious Studio, I really do run a small family as well. Two perpetual motion kids, one oft' traveling husband, a big ol' Rhodesian Ridgeback and a multi-ethnic Saint Bernard mix, squiggly, mutating chauffeur duties, loads of orchids and a dozen prolific tomato plants: these are the maze through which I wend any irregular day. Consolidation is the trick. Keep a Studio nearby. Like in the backyard. What would you give for a husband who relinquished and expanded his brand new tool shed and turned it into the Palace of Print for you? A kajillion bucks? Yeah, me, too. But never mind. I'm keeping him, and I love my Studio. It's where I transform linens and fabric paints into patterns and prints that become custom, handmade pillows and bolsters and shams and draperies for showcase homes and businesses and for you, too, if you want some. Catch me quick. I do take breaks. I'm about to enjoy share a tomato + basil + balsamico + olive oil + crusty bread sandwich and a glass of Chardonnay.

 The Chardonnay is all mine.

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